Patch notes – Feb

Zenath Roleplay has been hard at work making significant changes to improve your gaming experience. From job and criminal changes to map and vehicle adjustments, we’ve been busy implementing changes that we believe will enhance your enjoyment of the game. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the latest patch notes and explore the exciting new changes that have been made.

Job Changes

One of the most significant changes made in this patch is the overhaul of the metal detecting, mining, gold panning, hunting, and fishing jobs. These jobs have been reworked to provide a more engaging and challenging experience for players. For example, metal detecting has been made more interactive with the addition of new sound effects, and mining has been tweaked to make it more challenging.

Additionally, hunting has been changed to make it more rewarding for players who are skilled at tracking and taking down their prey. Fishing has also been modified to provide more variety in the types of fish that can be caught, as well as to make the fishing experience more realistic.

In addition to these changes, there have been various other job adjustments made, including changes to the pay rate, requirements, and skill levels. These changes are designed to make each job more challenging and rewarding, providing players with a more immersive and engaging experience.

Criminal Changes

Criminal activities have also been modified to make them more exciting and engaging. Certain activities have received a slight buff, which means that players will have a greater chance of success when performing them. Additionally, weapon balancing and new weapon additions have been made to ensure that criminals have access to the tools they need to pull off their heists and robberies.

Map Changes

In terms of map changes, a new temporary gallery has been added, giving players a new location to explore and enjoy. Additionally, there have been more map and server optimizations made, which will improve overall performance and reduce lag. Server streamed roads have been removed, which will also help to improve server performance and make for a more seamless gameplay experience.

Miscellaneous Changes

There have been several miscellaneous changes made, including the addition of new furniture that can be used to decorate houses. This provides players with more customization options, allowing them to make their homes feel more personalized and unique. Additionally, new items have been added to the server, which can be found by players as they explore the game world.

Some business-related changes have also been made, including changes to the ingredients required for businesses. These adjustments are designed to make running a business more challenging and rewarding, providing players with a more engaging and fulfilling experience.

Finally, there have been several minor quality of life changes made, which are designed to improve the overall gameplay experience. These changes include things like improved UI elements, better optimization, and bug fixes.

Vehicle Changes

Finally, there have been several vehicle changes made, including tweaks to car handling and the addition of more S-class cars. These changes are designed to make driving in the game more enjoyable and realistic, giving players more options and opportunities to explore the game world.


Overall, the latest patch notes from Zenath Roleplay are a testament to the team’s commitment to providing players with a high-quality and immersive gaming experience. From job and criminal changes to map and vehicle adjustments, there are plenty of exciting new features and improvements to discover. So why not log in and see what’s new? With jobs being tweaked all the time, you never know what exciting new changes await you.

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